Best 5 Security Compliance Automation Platforms for 2024

Compliance is a necessary evil. We all know it’s critical to have solid security compliance practices in place, but who has the time for all that paperwork? If you’re nodding along, this roundup of the top 5 compliance automation platforms for 2024 is for you. We’ll give you the lowdown on the tools taking the hassle out of compliance, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most. From startups to large enterprises, these systems have got your back. Read on to find the best automation solution for your needs.

What to Lookout For in Security Compliance Automation Platforms 

Easy and Streamlined Compliance

Search for a platform that can centralize all your compliance needs in one place. Whether you need to tackle industry-specific standards or internal policies, find a solution with features like automatic evidence collection, pre-built templates to get you up and running quickly, and simplified risk assessments to remediate any security gaps promptly. Opt for a platform that provides ongoing continuous compliance so you’ll always have visibility into the status of all your compliance efforts.

Scales as You Grow

For startups and small companies, a good compliance automation platform should be easy to manage with minimal effort, allowing you to tackle compliance requirements despite resource constraints. The platform should also scale to support growing organizations, adapting to changes in team size, business needs, and compliance scope over time.

Customer-First Support

When choosing a compliance automation platform, look for one that provides excellent customer service and support based on customer reviews and testimonials. An effective solution will have a knowledgeable support team to help with implementation and answer questions. Outstanding customer support gives companies peace of mind that issues will be addressed promptly.

Top 5 Security Compliance Automation Platforms

#1 Scytale

As the leading choice in compliance automation, Scytale addresses a critical need in the market: providing uncomplicated compliance. With an excellent compliance support team and often referred to as the only complete compliance offering, Scytale streamlines the entire compliance process for organizations of any size, which is especially ideal if you’re a startup without a dedicated compliance team or manage multiple data security frameworks. 

#2 Onetrust

While Onetrust focuses on risk management, it also helps streamline policy management through pre-built templates and real-time reporting on data security frameworks. However, some downsides include an non-intuitive user experience for compliance first-timers, and linking policies to controls and ensuring audit-readiness proves to be challenging too.

#3 AuditBoard

AuditBoard creates a centralized data hub to streamline risk, security, and audit management. Users recommend the platform for its great collaborative abilities and excellent customer support, although drawbacks include limited reporting options on the platform, and high costs may be prohibitive for smaller companies. 

#4 ZenGRC

ZenGRC offers flexible, fully customized GRC solutions for complex needs. While ZenGRC does provide compliance management for data security frameworks, it’s not their primary focus, which may not make it the optimal choice for those seeking dedicated security compliance solutions.

#5 CyberZoni

CyberZoni guides businesses through compliance and governance with consulting services in the field of cybersecurity. However, like ZenGRC, data security compliance management is one of several services, and consultancy fees can typically be high especially for startups.

Why Scytale is the #1 Choice

You now have a comprehensive overview of the top 5 security compliance automation platforms to consider for 2024. While each solution has its merits, Scytale emerges as the leading choice based on the software and team’s ability to truly simplify compliance for organizations of all sizes. The platform’s streamlined compliance management process allows you to consolidate frameworks and ensure continuous compliance with ease. Ultimately, the platform you select depends on your specific organizational needs and budget.

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