5 Customer Data Privacy Compliance Best Practices

Data privacy is paramount in the digital age. It protects the personal information businesses and marketers collect from their clients. Customer data privacy refers to handling and safeguarding individuals’... Read more »

From Concept to Creation: Generative AI’s Power in Product Design

Generative AI, even in its early stage of development, is disrupting the product design life cycle, influencing everything from the initial idea to the final design. While artificial intelligence... Read more »

How AI-Driven Innovations Can Help Optimize PCB Materials

PCB materials play a critical role in the foundation of modern technology, serving as the backbone for electronic devices across industries. The selection of PCB materials directly impacts the... Read more »

How to Use a VPN for Cheaper Flights in 2024: Does a VPN Work to Get Cheaper Airline Tickets?

Key Takeaways: Using a VPN for Cheaper Flights Airline companies tend to increase ticket prices for residents in wealthier countries while discounting the same flight for residents in low-income... Read more »

Best Free Password Manager in 2024: 6 Top Apps for Security

Key Takeaways: These Are the Best Free Password Managers Bitwarden — Best free open-source password manager LastPass — Best free password manager for one device Keeper — Most secure... Read more »

25 Ransomware Statistics, Facts & Trends in 2024

Key Takeaways: 10 Key Ransomware Statistics for 2024 Ransomware victims say the most common reason for ransomware attacks (36%) is an exploited vulnerability, with compromised credentials coming in second... Read more »

How Can Data Centers Harness the Power of Waste Heat?

Data centers have an energy problem. They consume significant amounts of power, resulting in substantial greenhouse gas emissions and in many cases, much of this energy goes to waste.... Read more »

What Is a DNS Leak & How to Test for and Avoid it in 2024

Facts & Expert Analysis: Domain Name System Leaks A DNS leak occurs when your VPN fails to encrypt your DNS traffic and your DNS queries revert to your ISP’s... Read more »

How to Protect Your Business from Insider Threats

Businesses today face the challenges of external threats, but internal threats are not left out either. An organization can suffer from dangers within; It could be through devious goals... Read more »

How to Sync Game Saves Between Computers: Steam Cloud, Epic Games & Cloud Storage in 2024

Key Takeaways: How to Sync Games Between Devices Most game saves are located in your “documents” folder. You can use cloud storage to access files saved on other devices.... Read more »
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