Developer Meetups – Recap for New York, Paris, and more

Couchbase meetups are back! Couchbase Community hosted six developer meetups across the globe throughout the month of November. We reached over 450 developers (no Zoom required), hosted a Star Wars lego competition, unveiled exciting new features, spoke about common developer pain points (and how to solve them), and much more.

And we certainly don’t gatekeep here, so grab your pumpkin spice latte while we take you through the highlights of Couchbase’s meetup comeback.

Data Modeling, giant pretzels and foosball in New York City

Couchbase meetup - New York City

They say if you can make it there [in New York] you can make it anywhere, so naturally it was the perfect place to kick-off our first developer meetup. Hosted at the Standard under the Highline, the Couchbase team spoke on how to design your data models based on common use cases and gave a short and sweet overview of Capella, our fully managed DBaaS platform. We also served what is likely the world’s largest pretzel

JSON, SQL, new features and maintaining privacy regulations in Paris

Couchbase Meetup - Paris

Now more than ever, privacy is at the forefront of how developers build and maintain mission critical applications. It’s a sensitive topic that is top of mind for many developers, especially as they build to scale. 

Laurent Doguin, Director of Developer Relations at Couchbase, spoke on how to respect the privacy of users and important regulations developers should follow. 

We also had the opportunity to hear about all the new features (including the redesigned developer friendly Capella UI) coming to Couchbase from Raphaël Chir, one of our very own Solution Engineers.

Machine Learning in Modern Databases, NoSQL and Amadeus in Munich 

Couchbase meetup - Munich

This exciting meetup focused on multiple topics, including predictions on what the future holds for NoSQL, how risk of adopting NoSQL Databases has decreased, an inventory of how Amadeus uses NoSQL, and an overview of how machine learning models are being created today. 

A Deep Dive on Database Indexing in Bangalore

Couchbase meetup - Bangalore

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re already looking forward to how Couchbase can set you up for success in 2023. During this meetup, Couchbase engineers presented Couchbase’s indexing service as well as a closer look at Couchbase’s secondary index storage – Plasma. With a focus on agility and significantly reducing the index management overheads, this meetup drew a crowd of over 60 developers looking to improve their processes. 

DBaaS, SQL, transactions, and Spring Data at Couchbase HQ

Couchbase meetup - HQ

Hosted at Couchbase’s HQ in Santa Clara, this meetup boasted a bit of everything – from a Q&A session with Couchbase’s co-founder, Steve Yen, to a Star Wars LEGO building competition (congratulations, David!). We also explored the advanced features of Spring Data Couchbase. 

Optimising SQL++ Queries in London

Last, but certainly not least, we ended November with a meet and greet at Couchbase London where attendees had the opportunity to meet with Couchbase staff, learn tips and tricks on how to make their queries faster than ever before, and an encore session on respecting your users when writing a data-centric application.

More to Come

And this is just the beginning!

    • Catch us next year as Couchbase meetups come to a city near you ahead of Couchbase Connect (stay tuned for details!).
    • Not ready for IRL meetups? Stay updated on upcoming virtual events by joining the Meetup group nearest to you.
    • And if you just can’t wait – join the conversation on our Discord
    • Would you like to host a Couchbase meetup? Or speak at one? Let us know by sending a message to

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