Rich Real-time Data Served Up By Couchbase Elevates Cycling Experience for Riders

As an avid cyclist, Pieter Morgan departed on a coast to coast ride across the USA, trusting his bike and accompanying technologies to guide him along the way. He... Read more »

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Investing in 2023 and Beyond

In this contributed article, IT and digital marketing specialist Natasha Lane points out that artificial intelligence has already permeated our everyday lives. We see it everywhere, even when we’re... Read more »

DevIntersection 2022 Recap

As a sponsor of the DevIntersection 2022 conference in Las Vegas, Couchbase was able to showcase its NoSQL database solutions to the attendees. We had a booth in the... Read more »

Introducing Amazon GameLift Anywhere – Run Your Game Servers on Your Own Infrastructure

In 2016, we launched Amazon GameLift, a dedicated hosting solution that securely deploys and automatically scales fleets of session-based multiplayer game servers to meet worldwide player demand. With Amazon... Read more »

The Ethical Implications of AI in the Travel Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the travel industry by enhancing efficiency, personalization, and customer experience. However, as with any technological advancement, the adoption of AI brings a range of... Read more »

Where to Watch Dragon Ball Z, Super & GT in Order in 2024: A How to Guide

Key Takeaways: How to Watch Dragon Ball With a VPN Subscribe to a VPN provider that’s both fast and secure. We recommend ExpressVPN.  Download the VPN’s app on your... Read more »

55 Agile Interview Questions and Answers for 2024: Showcase Your Agile Experience

Key Takeaways: The Top 5 Agile Interview Questions What is your experience of working within an Agile team? Explain the core frameworks used within Agile.  What is the role... Read more »

An overview of storage encryption for enterprises

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CSPO vs PSPO: Meaning, Differences and Certification Processes Compared in 2024

Key Takeaways: CSPO vs PSPO The Certified Scrum Product Owner certification, offered by the Scrum Alliance, is an entry-level certification with no final exam. It covers the fundamentals of... Read more »

Same AI + Different Deployment Plans = Different Ethics

This month I will address an aspect of the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics that I think many people don’t fully appreciate. Namely, the ethics of a... Read more »

HPE updates Alletra MP, expands block storage to AWS

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The Benefits of Six Sigma Certification and Training in 2024: Understanding Lean, Six Sigma & Belt Levels

Key Takeaways: Benefits of Six Sigma Six Sigma can help organizations increase efficiency, eliminate production variations and improve process controls in any project across numerous industries. Six Sigma certifications,... Read more »

iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface)

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Matt Garman to replace Adam Selipsky as AWS CEO

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