Rich Real-time Data Served Up By Couchbase Elevates Cycling Experience for Riders

As an avid cyclist, Pieter Morgan departed on a coast to coast ride across the USA, trusting his bike and accompanying technologies to guide him along the way. He... Read more »

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Investing in 2023 and Beyond

In this contributed article, IT and digital marketing specialist Natasha Lane points out that artificial intelligence has already permeated our everyday lives. We see it everywhere, even when we’re... Read more »

DevIntersection 2022 Recap

As a sponsor of the DevIntersection 2022 conference in Las Vegas, Couchbase was able to showcase its NoSQL database solutions to the attendees. We had a booth in the... Read more »

Introducing Amazon GameLift Anywhere – Run Your Game Servers on Your Own Infrastructure

In 2016, we launched Amazon GameLift, a dedicated hosting solution that securely deploys and automatically scales fleets of session-based multiplayer game servers to meet worldwide player demand. With Amazon... Read more »

Top 10 Picks For Flight Status API That Provides Real-Time Data

In the travel business, where every second counts, having access to real-time flight status data is a necessity.  Whether you want to arrange seamless travel experiences, develop cutting-edge travel... Read more »

What Is Project Tracking: Strategies for Efficiency in 2024

Key Takeaways: Project Tracking Choose the type of project management tool you need to track your project Set it up to monitor important aspects of your projects Set clear... Read more »

What Is Definition of Ready (DoR) in Scrum 2024?

Key Takeaways: What Is Definition of Ready (DoR)? The definition of ready is a set of criteria for an item in a product backlog that, once agreed upon, ensures... Read more »

ExpressVPN Torrenting Guide in 2024: Hide Your Torrent Client & Internet Traffic With a VPN Connection

Key Takeaways: How to Torrent With ExpressVPN Install a torrent client like qBittorrent. Sign up for ExpressVPN via its webpage. Launch ExpressVPN and engage the kill switch. Pick a... Read more »

The Best USA VPN Service in 2024: Hide From Your Internet Service Provider

Key Takeaways: What Is the Best USA VPN Service? ExpressVPN — Overall best USA VPN provider NordVPN — Security-focused VPN service for the U.S. Surfshark — Affordable U.S. VPN... Read more »

How To Back Up iPhone to iCloud in 2024: Protect Your iOS Devices With Built-In Backup

Key Takeaways: How To Back Up iPhone to iCloud Go to your Apple ID in the Settings menu. Go to ‘iCloud’ and check your storage. Tap ‘iCloud backup’ and... Read more »

Best Popcorn Time VPN in 2024: Free & Paid

Key Takeaways: These are the best VPNs for Popcorn Time ExpressVPN — Best VPN overall NordVPN — Affordable VPN with reliable security Surfshark — Most affordable option CyberGhost —... Read more »

The Best Email Service Provider of 2024: Top 10 Email Services & Clients

Key Takeaways: What Is the Best Email Service Provider? Proton Mail — Best free email provider overall, offering robust security controls and multiple features Zoho Mail — GDPR-compliant service... Read more »

Arcitecta leverages metadata to move critical data faster

Read more »

The Revolution of Data Analytics Through IoT: A Comprehensive Overview

In the contemporary digital era, the Internet of Things (IoT) stands at the forefront of technological evolution, marking a significant leap in how businesses and consumers alike interact with... Read more »
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